Campanario to Medellin

A very strange photo with 3 types of lights would provide an ideal way of describing our start today. We left Campanario in the dark a bit before 05:30. Backtracked to get to the Camino from the albergue and kept going and going. 

We started as a group of 4 and eventually spread out. M stayed back with V. Eleven km later we arrived at the base of a steep, well lit, hill we’d seen in front of us for km. Fires, burning off straw, to our left and, B in front with his torch.

On top was a castle and the town? Not one bar was open! So, 07:30, we’d been walking for two hours and still no place to stop for breakfast. Quick snacks all around and on we went. 

Next town, La Haba, an hour plus+ away was our next hope. Sure enough! A bar and, happily, toast! By now V was almost knackered and just about in tears. She’d had little to eat yesterday and ~35km for a day can be scary. 

Five minutes of our resident comedians, coffee and food, she looked a lot better and was more herself. I was pleased as I didn’t want to stop so soon but would have if she needed help. The boys have to be in Merida on Saturday and face a long walk that day, tomorrow. V and I are not constrained by time. 

Another 5km, drinks, and another 8 km to our end for the day, Medellin. 

One ‘disaster’: V fell on her face at some stage late in the Camino and has a graze plus underlying lump on one cheek to show for it (less ended considerably by a bit of ice and compression). I promised not to use that photo!

By the time we arrived and ate it was after 16:00. Checked in, showered, washed clothes and rested briefly. Briefly because Medellin is a very special town.

At 18:00 we all dragged ourselves off beds and up the hill behind our hostal to see an amazing Roman theatre,

a adjacent church from the Middle Ages and

the remains of a very impressive castle. 
What an amazing place, Medellin! Known to have been populated on and off since the Chalcolithic period. What a history. Wow!

So our last night with the boys was pretty amazing. And sad we are heading in different directions so soon. Time with them has passed so quickly and again been so good. They are great guys.


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