Casar de Caseres to Canaveral 

A gorgeous little dog was waiting for its mum in the bar this morning. Churrería, actually so the options included chocolate and churros (or porros, the thicker ones) or, unusually, migas (the breadcrumbs plus stuff) or the usual coffee and toast and tomato. 

The dog stayed out for a while but just couldn’t last the distance and slowly snuck in. The boys over the road stayed there, gossiping and smoking. A really dear little dog, clearly much loved and with a firm morning routine. 

Much cooler this morning. Definitely jacket or jumper weather, even gloves. The sun was dawning as we left town, giving us a most amazing display. 

A few hunters around today being Sunday: the swimming pool guy is obviously a hunter with dogs to flush the rabbits or birds.

A few milarios as it was mostly a joint Roman road and a Camino.

The track was very straight forward, easy walking generally, undulating on gravel. Well, until the last 10 or so km that I suggested to V that we walk on the road. A good idea as the others reported it was a bit rugged on parts of this section of the track. And I like the sense of humour that left bones named as a peregrino’s. 

Amazing roadworks to the side of the road turned out to be a highway to nearby Portugal! Years ago it was said to be for the railway. Clearly not so as the railway visibly operates now and is adjacent to the existing highway beside the dam. Amazing bridges, one nearly complete, one not. 

We picnicked above the dam, off the road a little and just before the second bridge and the start of the last 10 or 11 km. 

Today was a long day, somewhere between 32 and 35km. More than we’d hoped to do as there is an albergue after about 20km. We’d rung that many many times over the past 4 or 5 days, eventually getting a response and the advice that they may not be open, unless they’d fixed their water supply problem. Half an hour before we would have arrived they sent a text saying it wasn’t going to open. That was ok as we were aware it might happen and had enough water. 


Finally arrived at the fairly unprepossessing town of Canaveral. Finding the bar open was a great joy, as I waited for V. We separately visited the new albergue. Private and expensive, for what you get. 

We are in the hostal, a bit further on. For €35 we have a reasonably sized room, 2 decent beds and our own bathroom. 

The albergue was €15 per bunk bed with a shared bathroom or a strangely shaped room with two singles next to each other and an antechamber with another single. Yes it had its own bathroom but €45 for 2 or €30 for one. I’m much happier here, same hostal as I was in last time. Only problem: dinner is still at 20:30! Too late for me. 

Tomorrow? Not a short day, possibly 28km or so. 

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