Almería to Santa Fe De Mondújar

Booked into El Olivo y el Naranjo, a Casa Rurale, on Sunday as I decided I’d prefer to stay in town this time rather than to walk past the albergue into town and then back with the key.

Pathetic but I was so chuffed I managed the conversation on the phone with Alba ok in Spanish (tel: 678288143). 👌 Small things can bring great happiness.

Anyhow, I’m happy. I’m booked and it’s €15, not €40. Think I need to go out for my last coffee of the day and then wash some last minute grundies and socks.

Monday 23 May 2018

Who knew! Breakfast at 07:00, warm outside. Good way to start a day. Pack overly full as now has water plus my favourite, batidos, chocolate milk for kids that is 90% milk. The labels say each batido has 30% less sugar now. Less than what or when. Still, they taste wonderful.

Caught a taxi out through the streets and the industrial area again. And again the driver didn’t seem to know where to go outside the very inner urban area and needed guidance.

What do older Spanish guys do? Sit.

The following area is so ugly: lots of stones both big and small; river beds with fine dust; vegetation that is generally ugly, prickly and with narrow leaves; and lots of ruined and deserted houses. Not a lot to recommend it really.

The few small towns between here and Almeria are all much the same. In one I asked to buy an orange to eat, not for juice (the distinction matters here). The woman gave me one and refused. any money. Was really nice to do that and earnt her a 2 kiss reward!

Watch out for dangerous dogs! Perhaps the notice above this dog’s head wasn’t meant for her. She was not peligroso (dangerous).

Started to rain. You could see drops on the ground. The dust almost repels water it’s so fine the drops just sit there for quite a time. My wet weather gear was all deep in my pack of course. Got it on and effectively stopped any more rain falling!

Along the way: caves, hibiscus, a typical bar and him. Spain!

Arrived in Santa Fe De Mondújar and, frankly, wished I’d kept going. Only another 15 km to the next accomodation and here has little to offer. The Casa Rurale has 2 rooms: 1 double and 2 singles and a couch. I’ve NO interest in the couch. Four more people are due and I am hoping there’s no push to move me onto the couch just cos I’m travelling alone. I’ve been moved before to a single in a common area for that reason. Not planning on being cooperative this time. 😇.

Apparently only 1person stayed here last night. Wish I’d known in advance as I’d have kept going. Now I have an hour to lunch and 4 fellow travellers coming and us all in a small house. Clean and has a washing machine but…

Do NOT use dishwashing liquid for clothes. No. Froths up horribly and I suspect I’m going to smell like that’s what I’ve done for days. Had to rinse it all out again and again and hope it’s all gone. Hmmmm…… Big mistake.

Two of my new companions are French. She speaks some Spanish, neither speak english. So we’ll mangle Spanish. I’ve booked us 3 into the next place and know we’ll be sharing a room with 2 sets of bunks. Not sure what the other 2 will do given that it’s apparently full.

Just saw a couple holding hands walking out of the bar. Suspect from their clothes they’ll be the people I’ll be expected to move for.

Wrong! It’s a Canadian couple (english only) and I confess I didn’t offer to move. Landlady didn’t ask me to and I told the Canadians I’d had to do it before. Of more concern, there’s at least one more person expected tonight. Well, she hadn’t booked, is apparently on her way though. Makes me wish I was way back from these guys or, well ahead. May look for a bus to get ahead. Don’t have to worry for today. But, tomorrow I may well try to move well ahead.

Apparently the old albergue has shut and there is no other option here.

Oh hell! Tension in the house. The French couple offended the Canadians. Don’t know how, think they just were unfriendly and didn’t let them in. And I didn’t offer to move to let the Canadians share this room.

Beam me OUT to somewhere with hotels. I don’t want hassle or tension or to feel as though I have to race to get a bed or as though I must take the worse option cos I’m walking alone. That should give me the best bed not the worst!

Even worse, I’ve wasted most of a day here when I could happily have walked the next 15-18km to a town not full of fellow pilgrims. No taxis, no buses from here or the next couple of towns. I do want to see the next town and am happy to race on after that. I’m here to walk, not to get more lessons in patience and tolerance.

If I can find a taxi and a bus route I’m skipping ahead but, no success so far. I just want to walk. Nothing else.


One thought on “Almería to Santa Fe De Mondújar

  1. Hope that Canadian couple are not my friends who are walking the Chamino at present! They r very calm and able to communicate in French and some Spanish!


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