Quentár to Granada

Quentar is an another beautiful little town, nestled on the hillside above a creek. White houses built closely together and, down below, gardens and a swimming pool. Quentar hotel

If you are ever staying in Quentar, stay in the hotel and eat at the nearby Los Angeles bar. The guy who seems to run both is pleasant, and not just because he waived charging me for breakfast this morning!

And no need to worry about finding someone else’s bodily fluids on the mattress in the hotel, at least in the single room. The bottom sheet had a plastic underside. The downside? If you sweat even a little on this type of ‘sheet’ you will appreciate why babies were easier to train pre-disposable nappies. Ugh! 🤨

Quentar to Granada, Sunday 29 April

An easy walk, about 15km, and only a few minutes of rain early on. I stopped in the very small town after Quentar for another coffee to avoid the worst of the rain. Nice looking bar with, as usual, a set of old, crumbly, guys out of a strange movie. Often when I walk into such a bar most turn and look as though they’ve never seen ‘one’ before. One what you ask? A pack carrier mad enough to be out alone in the rain? A woman? I just ignore them and then stare back at anyone unable to look away, just to help him of course. 😏 Easier walking in with someone else but the patrons still tend to stare at strangers. Odd in such a busy region…..

And then up the hill, up the next hill, watching the many groups of lycra covered lads sweating as they ride up those same hills. Sunday so lots were riding out from nearby Granada. Same on Saturday, back before Quentar, lots of nicely dressed lycra lads quietly sweating up hills too tough to allow chatting,

Lots more hills. Various huge old, long empty buildings.

And amazingly extensive terracing on some surrounding hills, totally unused here at present.

Back to walking into Granada: after the hills, down through the olive trees and alongside the creek that flows down into Granada proper. Along narrow streets. Ferocious Fang this time was in a yard, well above pedestrians. Caught him while he briefly drew breath.

Shortly after you walk into the gypsy and flamenco suburbs of Albaicín and Sacromonte with their nightlife bars, shut in the later morning.

Then you see it, the Alhambra, up on the hill overlooking modern Granada.

At about the same time the number of people on the street increases exponentially. Taxis start to have problems getting through the crowds. Of course! It’s Sunday so, many are probably local visitors. I heard mostly Spanish as I pushed down through the crowd.

Next issue was finding the hotel. It has 2 quite different names so in the end I had to go into the only one I found. Yes, it has two names. No, I don’t know why. Unusual. And I’d even checked out where it was online, got directed to a Utube video made by someone on a motorbike heading through the complex network of crowded one-way streets at high speed. Almost nausea inducing and definitely unhelpful!

Checked in. Very nice room with a bath and a couple of balconies!

Wandered over to the cheese cake shop. Yes, it was open 😁.

Then, lunch. I wandered around for a while. Shock! Horror! I eventually chose a restaurant in Bib Rambla, just near where I’ve stayed a couple of times.

Salmorejo and grilled asparagus with crumbled goat cheese and jamón. Very nice.


I’ll catch a bus down south to see Victoria (Mozárabe, October 2017). Then? Not sure. Possibly bus down to Malaga and then up to Córdoba and start walking from there across to Merida again.


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