Granada to Nerja to Córdoba

Leaving Granada

Checked for my earphones on the way to the Granada bus station. Crisis. A veritable crisis. Not in any pockets. The only apple reseller in Granada was in the other direction.

Phew. Bought the last set in a music shop. Realised afterwards it had the wrong connector so gave it to a street seller. Aggghhh.

Found one of the many Chinese shops full of everything. Yes it had an apple knockoff. Uses a lightning connector plus bluetooth. So, very odd and feels cheap and not a long lasting product. Desperate, so bought it. Oh for an Apple shop as those earphones eat the battery. Hurry on Córdoba!


Caught the bus to Nerja, on the coast south of Granada for two nights with Victoria. Good being near the ocean again. Yes, the sand here is black/gray.

Great seeing Victoria again after our 24 or 25 days living so closely on the Mozarabe last year.

Enjoyed being with a dog again and seeing a very small section of the coast between Almería and Malaga. And the best hung goat I’ve seen for a while – she has a baby and was feeding two baby lambs as well.


Sun is out again today and it’s beautiful. Spring is slowly arriving. And the Apple reseller was open. I know you needed to know…😁

A few nuns around. One waggled her finger at me. Just assume she was blessing me as they lined up for mass before racing inside the church. 😇😇

Many streets and houses in Córdoba have made an all out effort with their flowers for the annual Fiesta de Los Patios and, against the white buildings, the flowers are spectacular. Mainly hardy geraniums and pelargoniums, they are just beautiful.

Lots of work daily to maintain.

Some streets hung plastic containers instead, along with a notice describing plastic as an ecological problem.

I love the archaeological museum here. Yes, same old photo, always of a marble statue with intricate details. Yes. Yes.

My Posada has its own display in the central courtyard. A totally revamped place, open for just a week, and I’m apparently the first in my room. Except for the fact the heating wasn’t working last night it’s nice. Not a place I’d take someone new to Cordoba unless they wanted to walk a lot but, it’s a great location for me at present, for my favourite museum, and for rejoining the Camino Mozarabe tomorrow.

Unbelievably the two in the office here asking the manager for directions when I returned live 5 to 10km from me! His accent said it all ……

Most streets here are narrow with overtowering white and yellow houses.

Dinner tonight will be fresh asparagus followed by strawberries and cream, with a few raspberries chucked in. Keep forgetting the word for ‘cream’. As I struggled to explain what I wanted, a nearby english speaker offered the right word.

Tomorrow: Córdoba to Cerro Muriano. Yes, back walking.


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