Villaharta to Alcaracejos

Hooray! Having discovered the possible width and depth of at least one river crossing the next section of the camino I organised a taxi. I’d agonised about my options. One was to walk the 9 or 10km from where I was staying to the main river. If a bit too wide and deep I could return back to Villaharta and get a taxi then. But I know how I think and I’ll get there and do anything to avoid turning back and not crossing the flood. So, easier to get a lift at a civilised hour, 08:00, and to walk the remaining 18 or so km to the next town. If I wasn’t walking alone I’d be more inclined to take the flood challenge.


Nice coffees to start the day in the bar of the Hostal Restaurante El Cruce de Villaharta. Nice bed too, altogether so much better than the previous night in that dreadful overpriced place in Cerro Muriano, and for less than a third of the price (€15 vs €55). The restaurant at El Cruce de Villaharta is ok too. I like the steep stairs down to it!

Taxi arrived on time and I’m guessing the camino is a nice added extra for him. Amazing statue at the drop off point, out in the middle of nowhere. Definitely male, a bulky boy.

Who it’s meant to represent, I’ve no idea. A successful neanderthal happy about the fish he caught? Unusual. Imposing and unexpected out, away from any main roads.


A great rural section from Villaharta. Funny how different it is walking a stage a second time. Least time was early autumn, now, spring. Some differences in the staging of crops and the wildflowers are obvious. Some sections are very familiar, like a named water fountain, some beautiful old houses, stone walls, two ermitas, a well and washing stations, a strange shelter etc, and others not at all.

Love the tinkling of sheep bells as they move around beside the track. All the while protected by their dogs. Saw a few this morning. Yup, many look the same.

The flowers are spectacular. The mauve ones, white and of course the poppies carpet many sections along the way. A few yellow flowers among them add to the glory.

Even in broad acre grassed areas the wild flowers are impressive. Hmmm, the location of the strange concrete tables and benches in one were hard to understand.

And everywhere, red poppies.

Signage is good and frequent.

The town of Alcaracejos is just beautiful as you arrive from the camino. It nestled into a protected hollow, neat white houses arranged in typical Spanish street structures: every which way but nothing straight.

Gratuitous addition

A montage of photos from my brief stay, a few days ago, down on the coast with Victoria:


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