Sydney to Bangkok, Thailand

Well, a change from Spain.

An exciting change! Flying from Sydney into Bangkok Thailand after four years away. And, an exciting taxi ride in from the airport too. The taxi driver wriggled, rubbed his face, picked up his mobile, chatted on his mobile, texted etc. And repeated it all again. I wondered for a while if my cards might show death on Ramses IX Road.

By the way, Qantas shareholders should rejoice. Qantas is actively continuing to save lots on all the little things that would make a passenger’s experience positive and memorable. Sad but, Emirates continues to provide a much better overall experience.

Checked in to our Bangkok hotel, quick drink and out street crawling. One of us was persecuting the local pussies, again. Calling them to be patted when they clearly don’t speak english.

We stayed alongside the river at this time. Lots of boats of all sorts: passenger ferries, long tail boats, and the wonderful barges.

Night times brings out the big dinner boats. Lots of lights, food and entertainment. Up and down the short local stretch they ply their trade.

Buildings in Bangkok are diverse, to say the least. From some very run down old ones alongside the river

to the most exciting architecture.

From high up in our hotel we counted about 20 working cranes, all deployed on new skyscrapers. The skyline has changed so much in 10 years and the diversity of buildings has to be seen to be believed.

And the weather is warm, warm and humid. Wonderful weather. No problem travelling here in the wet season. Except perhaps for mosquitos and little bities. Living here? Different matter.

Offerings everywhere. Some elaborate.

Some not. Simpler offerings at the base of a tree every now and then.

Graffiti is becoming more elaborate. Sometimes challenging!

Quick snack: chicken and cheese toastie plus an iced tea and coffee cost 600Baht! Yes ~$A26 And our first intimation of how much might have changed here. Shock!

So, just one full day of temples, religious and secular (commerce).

Bought crocs at the secular ‘temple’, the very large shopping centre at Siam metro station. The crocs cost more than in Australia but, at least I could try a few different models.

The food hall in the Paragon, at the Siam shopping centre, remains exceptional for its variety and quality. Busy for very good reasons.

And then a wonderful evening exploring the Chinese market after dark.

So busy, so alive, exciting. Many interesting food and dessert options. Lots of tourists, not as many as we’d expected but, stall owners were generally busy.

With only short waits between customers at times.

And temples were still open.

A brief stay, two nights in Bangkok and we were off again. Next: Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. First trip there, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.

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